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The Reflex DR218 is a high-power sub bass enclosure, which is tuned to provide a bass tonality that is favored in entertainment venues in the Asian market. The enclosure operates over the 35 - 95 Hz pass band and has a primary function to provide substantial sub-bass reinforcement for live sound and night club venues.

The cabinet combines two off 18” long excursion sub bass cone drivers with neodymium magnet structures loaded into individual direct radiating cavities The enclosure is manufactured from 18 mm birch plywood and coated in a heavy duty polyurea finish. The cabinet front has a protective steel grill coated in a water-resistant powder coat finish which has an acoustically transparent filter medium bonded to its back surface. Each cabinet has four handles mounted on the end panels and polyethylene coated runners on the base panel. The top panel has housings to aid stacking cabinets in vertical columns. Three cabinets in a vertical stack have the option of being used in a cardioid mode with the bottom cabinet being inverted.

Electrical connection to the cabinet is via two parallel linked Neutrik NL4 connectors on the rear panel allowing a direct connection from an eFlex Q20 system amplifier. There is the option of a third grill mounted Neutrik NL4 connector allows connection from an eFlex Q20 when a cabinet is inverted in cardioid mode.

All Inspired Audio products are designed as an integrated solution complete with system amplifier options from the eFlex range. The eFlex units provide DSP preset functions, networked software control of operating parameters and output drive power. An channel of an eFlex Q20 will drive a single DR218 enclosures per output channel.