w Inspired Audio - Flex Rack


Inspired Audio Flex System Amplifier Rack

Provision of an integrated solution is central to Inspired Audio's ethos making the Flex Rack a natural extension of that philosophy. The Flex Rack combines an outer wooden sleeve with an internal suspended rack that will house three eFlex system amplifiers and provide protection and security for life on the road. A Flex Rack comes pre-wired and fully loaded and includes a full 32 Amp mains distribution, single phase on Q5 Flex Racks and Q20 Flex Rack 2 and 32 Amp three phase on Q20 Flex Rack 3. Racks also have the option of being pre-wired for Dante primary and redundant digital inputs.

The rack rides on 100 mm Guitel castors, two of which lock, and offers provision for stacking via top panel housings. Front and back doors initially pivot open before sliding back within the rack, no butterfly catches to undo and no lids to locate and match at load out!

Construction is from a combination of 15 mm and 18 mm birch ply coated in a heavy duty polyurea finish. The internal suspended frame is manufactured steel with rubber shock mount bushing. The rack offers 8 units of rack space with direct access from front and back.

The Flex Rack comes in the following versions:

1. Q5 Flex Rack - Cat 5 interlinks but not Ethernet compatible. Single Phase PSU, pre-wired for three Q5 units.

2. Q5 Flex Rack Plus - POE Switch and Etherbridge module fitted and loomed. Three Ethercon panel connections, input, link and Wi-Fi Access point connection. POE enabled.

3. Q20 Flex Rack 2 - POE switch and full looming for two Q20 units. Connections as above. Single phase PSU.

4. Q20 Flex Rack 3 - As above but loomed for three Q20 units and with 3 Phase PSU.

5. Q20 Flex Rack 2 Dante - Two off 5 port switches for Dante primary and redundant connection. Fully loomed with input and link Ethercon panel connections. Single phase PSU.

6. Q20 Flex Rack 3 Dante - As above, but loomed for three Q20 units and with 3 Phase PSU.

The Flex Rack comes complete with a padded transit cover.