Year End Review 2016:

2016 annual review and forward into 2017

Before welcoming in another New Year here at Inspired Audio, we could not let 2016 pass without taking a moment to look back at some of the highlights of the previous 12 months. Building on the success of 2015 which was our most exiting year to date, 2016 certainly took us yet another step further forward.

It seems to becoming an Inspired New Year’s tradition, but once again the first order of the year was sent to Mexico. This time an Optima 8 array system complemented with SB218’s subs was installed into another live music venue in Mexico City.

February saw a substantial order for our new IQ Installation cabs to make their way to our Chinese distributer destined for their trade show stand at the Pro Light & Sound Show in Guangzhou. The show was also used to launch new additions to the reFlex range of bass options, with the SB121 and SB221 enclosures bringing infra style sub bass to the Optima cabinets being displayed on the stand. Chris Scott head of design and Inspiration joined the team in Guangzhou China at the show to offer technical support and translation!

Back in the UK in March, EES Showhire invested in a full Optima 8 array system for their forthcoming season of outdoor events. EES went on to provide the system to a multitude of acts during the summer including the Boomtown Rats.

Early April saw an Optima 5 array system installed a little bit closer to home in our local city of Nottingham at the new Southbank City Venue. This in our opinion is the best sounding venue in the city, although some would say we may be a little biased!

In May Moonlight Productions from Aylesbury purchased an Optima 5 array system for installation into a new build Church project in North London, three array elements per side were complimented by B215 enclosures for bass support. Also, we exhibited at the Plasa Focus Show in Leeds and we were so pleased to see so many customers both old and new.

The long days of June became even longer for our manufacturing team when China suddenly called up and needed another huge Optima 8 system ready for supply by the month end. We also made our debut appearance at the ABTT theatre show in London. A really big thank you to all the people who spent time to see us and we will certainly be back in 2017.

Our good friend Andi Churchill of Precision Audio Solutions added extra Axis monitors and Q20 amplifiers to enhance his already large Inspired Optima 5 system. This year Andi toured his Inspired system with numerous artistes including Tony Christie and the Jasper Carrot ‘Stand up & Rock’ tour.

As the summer slowly started to creep away our manufacturing team were hinting at the possibility of taking some time off and perhaps even a holiday! Thankfully they came to their senses and realised that every day at Inspired is like a holiday so they did not need to go anywhere. This decision was just as well, as we were about welcome on board a new Korean distributer who gave us a rather nice opening order for them to make!

When September came upon us the ‘Music Hall Beirut’ probably the most iconic of the Middle East’s live Music venues called up to have their original installed system overhauled and they wanted to add a new Axis 12 based monitor system to their stage foldback. So once again it was time for our intrepid traveller Chris Scott to pack his overnight bag and head for the airport! The latter part of the year saw yet another 60 piece IQ Installation order from China, any holidays for the manufacturing team are now just a distant memory! One of our regular customers Genero Productions also added more Axis 8 to their growing Inspired inventory, thanks again for the continued support!

When Jess Glynne took to the road for an Arena tour in November, she turned to respected monitor man Duncan Wild’s to provide stage sound for the tour. Part of that package was AX15 and SB118 enclosures from Inspired powered by eFlex Q20 system amplifiers.

2016 came to a close with a system supplied to the new ‘Salt Box’, another new prestigious venue in our home town of Nottingham. This time MF12’s, IQ8s with B215’s supplying the bass were chosen. This has been just a very quick snapshot of a few of the projects and clients we have worked with in 2016, apologies to all not mentioned, thankfully there are many to choose from! We are so looking forward to the forthcoming year. You will be able to see us exhibiting at the ISE show Amsterdam, Pro Light & Sound Guangzhou, Plasa Focus Leeds, ABTT Theatre show London & Plasa London with some new products and upgrades to some of the range.

And finally... we are delighted to announce a new member joining the Inspired team for 2017. Andi Marriott will become our new Sales and Marketing manager. Andi joins the business with a wealth of knowledge and has spent most of his career working in venues and theatres although more often than not, behind the drum kit not the mixing desk! Andi is a very accomplished session musician and thoroughly nice guy and I am sure he will be looking forward to meeting everyone and getting started on his new challenge with us.

So all that is left to say is we hope you have a great year and may you all be Inspired!